Each event has its own particular set of rules, which must be complied with in order to avoid disqualification by the Officials. Further information may be found on the clip boards for Officials.

Field Event Measurement
Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump and Triple Jump are all measured with a tape. Each competitor has 3 trials as per competition regulations, the best result determining the placings.

Measured from 1st contact point through the CENTRE of the ring. Distance recorded is that which appears immediately over the inside edge of the circle. 

  • Discus and Shot Put are carried out within the ring, which must also be vacated by the thrower only by the rear half.
  • A ‘NO THROW’ will be called if the thrower steps outside the ring during delivery.
  • The Shot and Discus MUST land within the arc, which is marked from the front portion of the ring.
  • Delivery of the shot must be a PUT, not a THROW.
  • The shot must be held under the chin slightly to one side, and then pushed away without dropping it down or back to a throwing action.
  • The competitor must leave the ring by the REAR portion only, in a standing position, and after the discus or shot has landed.
  • All throws must start from a stationary position.
    • Triple Jump
      Mat Placement BOYS GIRLS
      6m U9,U10 U9,U10
      7m U11 U11,U12
      8m U12, U13 U13
      9m  U14,U15 U14,U15

      Hurdle Specifications

      Distance Flights Spacing Run In Run Out Marker
      60 metres 6 7 metres 12 metres 13 metres Red
      80 metres 9 7 metres 12 metres 12 metres Yellow
      90 metres 9 8 metres 13 metres 13 metres Blue
      100 metres 10 8.5 metres 13 metres 10.5 metres Orange
      300 metres 7 35 metres 50 metres 40 metres Black

      Hurdle Heights Hurdle Distances

      45cm: U7, U8, U9 Boys and Girls 60m U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12
      60cm: U10, U11 Boys and Girls 80m U13 U13, U14
      68cm: U12 Boys and Girls 90m U14 U15, 16, 17
      76cm: U13, U14, U15 Boys and Girls 100mU15, 16, 17


      400gm: U11, U12 Boys and Girls, U13 Girls
      600gm: U13, U14, U15 Boys and U14, U15 Girls

      To be a Valid Throw and Measured
      1. Each Athlete is allowed 3 trials.
      2. The Javelin must be held at the grip with the hand in contact with the grip.
      3. The Athlete may enter the run-up area from any direction, but must leave the runway from behind the arc and the lines
        drawn from its extremities.
      4. The throw must be commenced from a stationary position.
      5. The throw must be thrown OVER THE SHOULDER OR UPPER PART OF THE THROWING ARM and must not be
        slung or hurled – no round-arm throw. (Elbow should come through first with the hand coming through above the
        shoulder or head.) Non-orthodox styles are not permitted.
      6. During the run-up and throw, the Athlete must not touch the lines indicating the runway and the arc, the extension of
        the lines or the ground beyond these lines with any part of the body.
      7. The Athlete must not leave the runway until the javelin has touched the ground. They must also leave the runway from
        behind the 4 metre line. (4m back from throw line)
      8. The Athlete must leave the runway from a standing position.
      9. The Javelin must land within the inner edges of the lines marking the sector.
      10. For a throw to be valid, the tip of the metal head must strike the ground before any other part of the Javelin.
      11. If no rules are infringed, a trial may be interrupted. The implement MUST BE LAID DOWN FLAT ON THE RUNWAY
        and the Competitor MAY LEAVE THE RUNWAY (behind the arc line) before returning to his/her stationery position to
        recommence the trial. All moves for his rule shall be included into the maximum time for a trial.

      Throwing Safety
      1. As an added precaution, if possible, have the throwing area and the direction of throwing away from the normal
        competition area.
      2. Athletes and Officials shall always carry the Javelin and upright with the metal tip pointing downwards.
      3. Officials and Athletes when pulling the Javelin out of the ground always put one hand over the end of the Javelin an
        pull it out of the ground with the other hand.
      4. Only one athlete shall be allowed in the run-up area at a time. The athlete to follow shall be the only other athlete with
        a javelin.

      5. Practice throws outside the ‘safe area’ are prohibited and may result in forfeiture.

      Track Events Information

      Time Keeping
      Accuracy is vital. These points will ensure efficient results.

      Watch Operation
      Electronic watches give direct reading eg 05:47.05 would read 5 minutes, 47 seconds, and 5 hundredths.

      • Hold watch in hand to allow for operation by INDEX finger. Arm and hand should remain stationary during operation.
      • Each timekeeper should be positioned in a direct line with the finish line.
      • Timekeepers should give their undivided attention to the race starter as he prepares the competitors for a start.
      • Timekeepers should start their watches immediately on seeing the flash/smoke from the gun – not the sound.
      • Each timekeeper will stop their watch as their runner crosses the finish line, eg THIRD place timekeeper will always look for the THIRD runner to cross the line. He will note which child he times and will take the athlete to the recording table at the finish line.
        • The Chief Timekeeper
          Will be responsible for communication with the starter and supervision of timekeeping procedures throughout the track events. After recording the time, each timekeeper should reset the watch to zero.

          Race Starter

          • Duties are to muster runners into appropriate age groups and to bring runners to starting line. (May be helped by an assistant.)
          • An imminent start will be indicated by the command ‘On Your Marks’. At the point the starter’s 2-way radio usually on transmit to facilitate response by timekeepers.
          • When the command to ‘Set’ is given, the runners will assume their starting positions.
          • When the starter is satisfied that all is ready, he will fire the gun indicating the start of the race.
          • The gun should be raised above the starter’s head as he calls the runners to take their mark. This serves to provide a clear view of the gun to the timekeepers.
            • Field Result Compilers
              Field event results are recorded by officials on sheets provided. These are returned to the office after each event.

              When a competitor has broken a Centre Record, this should be confirmed immediately with the Competition Coordinator, Chief of Officials or Presiden

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